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About Project

This is implemented as a part of a project to promote the development of a small to medium-sized Jet Passenger Plane in Asia - a project undertaken by Tokyo in collaboration with other major cities in Asia as one of the joint projects of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21(ANMC21*). This project aims to foster research scientists/engineers for development of aerospace technology in Asia as well as to form an Asian network among them.

The related doctoral program started in 2008 academic year for Asian students who wish to do research in Aeronautics. The research interests include “Advanced composite materials and structures”, “Smart structures”, “Flow control for noise and drag reduction” and “Aerodynamics design optimization for next-generation transports/future air vehicles”. The research on composite technology is cooperated with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA).

*Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC21) to other site

ANMC21 is an international network of Asian capital and major cities undertaking joint projects on common tasks regarding innovative technological development, environmental countermeasures, and industrial development, with the aim to apply these outcomes for the prosperity/development of the Asian region.