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1) Facilities for Composite Research

Composite Materials Laboratory has newest facilities for examining mechanical strength and delaminarization of composite materials.

■Cutting machine of Composite materials: AC400F
Maximum cutting area: 400 × 400 mm
■Testing facility of strength of materials: INSTRON MODEL 4505
Load capacity: ±10t
■Testing facility of strength of materials with environmental chamber: INSTRON MODEL 8802
Load capacity: ±25t
±10t (with environmental chamber)
Chamber temperature: -60°C to +300°C
■Ultrasonic damage detection system: GSONIC SCAN 6AX6000
Maximum scanning area: 600 × 600 × 400 mm

2) Wind Tunnel Facilities

Wind tunnel laboratory
Wind tunnel laboratory

Aero and Fluid Dynamics laboratory has several wind tunnels such as low-turbulence wind tunnels for transition research and a medium-sized wind tunnel of 1.75m octagonal-cross-section for aerodynamics measurements.

■Göttingen-type wind tunnel
Test section: 1.75m octagonal cross-section.
Wind speed range: 4~35m/s
■Low-turbulence wind tunnel of open-jet type
Test section: 400mm (height) × 400mm (span)
Wind speed range: 1~12m/s
Turbulence intensity: less than 0.07%